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Established in 2011 we at PGE Solutions, provide HALON recovery and recycling throughout the Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia, the Middle East and Asia, which meet current standards set out by the Montreal Protocol, ASTM - D7673-10, ISO - 7201 - 1 (1989) Mil Spec - DTL -38741A -1988 for HALON 1211, ASTM D 5632 - 08 Type 1, ASTM D 5632 - 08 Type 2, ISO - 7201-1 (1989) for HALON 1301, and GOST standard for HALON 2402. After recycling, all our HALONs are banked and offered for sale to our customers. We also provide our customers with full laboratory certificates.
Refrigerants such as R-11, R-12, R-22, R-134a and the 400 and 500 series blends are high in ozone depleting potential (ODP), or are high in global warming potential (GWP). All of these halocarbons pose a threat to our environment, and are a major global concern. PGE Solutions maintains our commitment to environ-mental protection through innovative reclamation of these chemicals.
As the production of HALONS has now ceased in accordance with the Montreal Protocol, it is essential to recycle HALONS to be used within critical applications.


We mainly work on environmental projects around the world. These projects are mainly but not limited to:

1.CFC phase-out and destruction, where we undertook a nationwide survey to determine the amount of unwanted CFC that would then be documented and verified for Carbon Credits under Climate Action Reserve (CAR) and then sent across borders for environmentally friendly destruction (PLASCON  DRE 99.9999%).

2. Project management of retro fitting of HCFC XPS lines to environmentally friendly alternatives (CO2 and/or hydrocarbon).

3. Working with governments to prepare for HPMP’s.

4. Consultation work on retro fitting of CFC/HCFC chillers.

5. Nationwide surveys on current usage and dependency of Ozone Depleting Substances (ODS) and Global Warming Agents (GWA/GWP/GHG).

6. Decommissioning of Halon fire suppression systems, including design and supply of environmentally friendly alternatives.

7. Recovery of unwanted Halons for destruction/recycling.

PGES welcomes new and challenging projects wherever they are in the world, whether they be environmental or not and of various different sizes.

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