Vita Food Products

It’s our pledge to ourselves and to our customers to carefully select our meat suppliers, who strictly comply with our Islamic sharia laws and international hygiene and quality standards. It is our selected team of passionate experts who serve your table with the fresh, the healthy, and the best of Halal.

FPP & Frozen:

Burgers (Beef, Mutton, Chicken)
Kababs and Shawerma ((Beef, Mutton, Chicken)
Nuggets (Chicken)
Breaded Burgers (Chicken)
Fillet and Zingero (Chicken)
PopCorn (Chicken)
Franks (Beef and Chicken)
Mince (Beef, Mutton, Chicken)
Fish Fingers and Fillet
Beef Bacon
Chicken Breast 
Pizza Toppings

Cold Cuts (Chilled):

Mortadella (Beef and Chicken)
Smoked items (Beef, Chicken, and Turkey) 

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