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Gulf Marketing and Telecommunicatons Services distribution division distributes Etihad Etisalat “Mobily” GSM, Data services and Retail Shop. 
GMTS is the latest subsidiary of Pan Gulf Holding Group (PGH) which; was established at the beginning of the fourth quarter of 2013 with a dedicated focus on the telecom sector businesses in Saudi Arabia.
The aim of establishing GMTS was to create an individual business with unique expertise focusing on developing operations and capabilities that suite the unique nature of The Mobiles Phone business, Operator Services & Accessories in the Kingdome.
Gulf Marketing and Telecommunication Services is composed of two main  divisions:

MOBILY Services Division

A result of a Strategic partnership contract Signed between GMTS and ETHAD ETISALAT (Mobily) to offer Mobily services and products to end users following a unique business model with a large number of Specialized Door to Door Sales Force and advanced Corporate Sales team.


  • Pre-Paid GSM lines 
  • Post-Paid GSM lines
  • 3G & 4G  data SIM’s 
  • 3G & 4G Routers 
  • E-Vouchers
  • Bill Payment
  • cloud services
  • Hosting services 
  • IPVPN 
  • Carport services Direct internet access


Tech Talk (Retail shop)

It’s a channel to offer a very unique shopping experience to the end customer mainly by developing retails chain with a concept of one simple destination for mobility services, Mobile Phone, Operator Services, Accessories and Innovative Value Added Services including high standard of after sales services
The Division has its own sophisticated and well-staffed technical service centres, covering 3 major cities in Saudi Arabia (Jeddah, Riyadh & Khobar), it provides the highest standard of phone care and ensure the optimum satisfaction of end user is achieved.

Contact Information
Pan Gulf Telecom Office
  • P. O. Box – 2473, 31952, Saudi Arabia Near Dammam Port (Meena) Tel: +966 13 857 5051 +966 13 859 3441 +966 13 857 5786
  • Tel: +966 13 857 5051
  • Fax: +966 13 865 5129
Mr. Ahmed Barakat
Gulf Marketing
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